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Air Bots

First of all - WOW! What a game! This attraction is like making your science fiction dreams come true. Better than virtual reality, better than video games! This kind of entertainment has never been seen before and we are thrilled to finally present this new concept to Tasmania. Air Bots is a battle in which participants get into an inflatable suit in order to engage in a harmless, exciting match with each other.

It includes an exciting audio system and comes with supervision.

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Length: 8.8 mts  x  Width: 8 mts  x  Height: 3 mts

Bull Rides

The Mechanical Bull adds a true visual impact as well as a fun physical challenge to any party and is entertaining for both riders and viewers. The system controls the riders speed safely. This makes the Mechanical Bull perfect for a beginner or a child as well as a great challenge for that confident teenager or adult. The ride also comes with a large inflatable corral to soften your fall.

The Bull is fully staffed with a trained mechanical bull technician for your safety, fully insured, set up and delivered to your event.

Basically, we strive to help people stay on the mechanical bull and look good doing it.

Approx 6x6m wide - 1.2m wide access - 9ft ceiling - 10 amp 240 volt power.    

Gladiator Jousts

Get ready to battle it out!

Each gladiator climbs on his pedestal and tries to knock his opponents off their pedestals with oversized, foam-filled jousting poles. Once the decisive blow lands, the defeated gladiators fall onto an air inflated bed while the winner towers in victory above his fallen competitors... Get ready to battle it out!

This inflatable jousting game is a great addition to any party or outdoor event and is perfect for settling office rivalries!

You can dry hire the Joust or ask for a supervised gladiator match.

Approx 7.60m long x  7.80m wide x 1.10m high

Multisport Stadiums

This game is a custom designed Sports Fusion inflatable. Its modern design and color scheme are appealing features that truly make it a sight to behold. This game has everything you can ask for in an inflatable ride. It is designed with safety and quality in mind for riders to enjoy worry-free. Participants of all age will definitely enjoy the space available to bounce around. The basketball hoops hang high above the spacious soccer nets, allowing for exciting play. The volleyball net in the center of the ride is removable, which allows for use of this incredible game as a dodge-ball arena or boxing ring.  

The Multisport Stadium comes with a supervisor.

Approx 12m long x  6.6m wide x 4.4m high  

Sumo Wrestling Suits

Whether you are watching or participating, our Adult and Junior Sumo Suits will get the party going in full swing! They are the latest and funniest in party entertainment for all ages.

Our top of the range Sumo Wrestling Suits will make you the size of a huge traditional Japanese wrestler. The head protectors are in the style of the traditional Sumo hair cuts. The suits come with neck braces as well as a large 15ft padded floor mat.

The junior Sumo Suits are designed to be used by children 5 years and up and the adult suits are suitable for people from 12 years  and onwards.

You can dry hire them or ask for a supervised sumo match.

"A 10 out of 10 fun experience!" Jedda, Blackmans Bay

Approx 5m x 5m mat

Zorb Balls

Let's experience the space of unknown!!! Zorb Balls are designed for those who are seeking to get excitement. It is safe and IT is an attraction to experience the fun more than scary. The zorb ball is double-sectioned which has one ball inside the other with an air layer between.

The Zorb Balls come with a Supervisor.

Inflatable Slides

Those impressive Double Lane slides are dual dry slides guaranteed to add tons of excitement and acceleration to any indoor or outdoor event. Riders can climb together up the center climb, and then choose a left- or right-sided slick slide, for a fast-track ride to the cushioned bottom with a safety stop, guaranteed to satisfy thrill seekers young and old. Hooded safety on top makes sure riders slide down properly.

inflatable slides hobart tasmania, slides hobart

The 18' Dual Lane Slide

Approx 8.20m long x 6m wide x 5.50m high

The perfect backyard slide!

inflatable slides hobart tasmania, slides hobart

The 20' Dual Lane Slide

Approx 9m long x 4m wide x 6m high